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Rural Recovery Housing Learning Center


All courses offered by The Fletcher Group are completely free.

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Our subject matter experts and professional partners have developed a robust course catalog hand-tailored for rural recovery house residents, rural owners/operators, rural communities, and the friends and families of those with substance use disorder.

Courses are designed around microlearning principles and modularized to fit in your busy schedule. Whether you dedicate a few minutes each day or several hours per week, our curriculum enables you to learn and grow at your own pace.

what you can expect

establishing housing

Courses designed to help owners/operators to establish rural recovery housing based on national standards and best practices.

Residence management

How to create and manage a healthy and successful recovery residence atmosphere in houses of any size or shape

recovery services

Ensuring that rural recovery houses run some of their more sensitive operations with accountability, professionalism, and high standards

supportive services

Courses are designed for rural recovery residents, graduates, family, and friends with a focus on building recovery capital and vibrant, supportive recovery communities

The Fletcher Group RCOE is offering free technical assistance to rural recovery homes

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